Publicity Stunt or Mud Slinging? Trump Vs Mitt Romney & Circus-Like GOP Debate Coming Soon

Recap of the back and forth mud slinging we’ve come to expect from the Presidential Election in the United States:

  • February 2, 2012: Donald Trump gives a glowing endorsement for Mitt Romney back in the last election.
  • February 25th, 2016: The Boston Globe reports an Ex-Romney aide called Trump a loser. Ryan Williams, who worked as Romney’s 2012 spokesman had a mouthful to say recently on Boston Herald Radio. Apparently this guy was stepping out in front of the GOP and acting as a spokesperson for the whole party. What’s interesting here is that this person failed to get his candidate elected in the last election. How much weight can his words actually carry? Not much in our opinion.
  • February 25th, 2016: The Telegraph reports Mitt Romney joining the Trump-Bashing party with remarks and speculation about Donald’s tax returns. Again, what’s interesting here is that Mitt is again irrelevant. Just as irrelevant as his spokesperson. Where has this guy been for the past 4 years?
  • February 25th, 2016: BBC News taking another spin on the tax return debacle.

So where’s the love here? Why did Mitt Romney make an about face in the midst of this election? Is this an elaborate ploy to put attention on Donald Trump leading up this November election?

What’s interesting is the fact that there was a clear relationship between these two back in the last election. And now there seems to be a separation just months before the election.

Our guess here at Cheese Care, is that this is either:

  • Negative Press designed to put attention on Trump. Basically Mitt Romney coming out and creating a would-be negative press topic for the lame stream media to attach to. This will angle will be clear once we see what happens with the tax return issue. If Trump’s tax returns are ok’d and he’s in the green, then this is a publicity stunt.
  • Mitt Romney’s ulterior motive. If Trump has a few skeleton’s in his tax closet, then the flip-side of things will be clear. Mitt will be supporting another candidate and trying to tear down Donald in this race.

You can rest assured that as new issues arise, and the news does their endless spinning, we’ll be here to walk you through the weeds to find the truth.

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