Increasing Awareness Of Essential Tremor in March 2016

People who struggle every day with Essential Tremor may wish they were invisible, or at least, better understood when they go into public places. While their condition is visible, they may increasingly avoid social interaction because of the stigma associated with shaking and more so, because they may need assistance with activities out in public. On top of that, many shy Essential Tremor sufferers may not want the attention of people whispering about them or staring at them in public.

Essential Tremor may begin as early as age 40 and potentially worsen with time. Though its cause is unknown, it signals that something is amiss in the neurological system. While it is typically a condition found in the middle-aged and older crowd, young kids may also be diagnosed with Essential Tremor.

What Is Essential Tremor?

Essential Tremor is a little-known condition that is all too frequently confused with Parkinson’s disease and similar conditions marked by shaking.
Essential Tremor is found in eight times as many people as Parkinson’s disease, but there is far less awareness with Essential Tremor. Put simply, this is about increasing awareness for both those who have ET and those who do not.

For one, it encourages people to go see a doctor for a proper diagnosis. It is vitally important to get a differential diagnosis to ensure that it is not Parkinson’s disease or other diseases, which are degenerative and systematically destructive. Early intervention may help the individual receive support and assistance from physical therapy to medication management to home health care help.

The other and probably more pressing reason for many is that increasing the overall awareness of Essential Tremor in the greater society will hopefully extinguish the social stigma of the hallmark shaking.

Raising Awareness

March is Essential Tremor Awareness Month and it is a brain-child of The International Essential Tremor Foundation who sponsors the event every year. Nearly 10 million Americans live with this little-known condition that usually progresses over time.

It is tough on people for the way it ravages the individual emotionally and physically, particularly because people may start experiencing it rather early in their very active mid-life years.

The other important reason to increase awareness is to increase the funding for research. The cause of this condition is not known. In addition, this little understood neurological disorder requires funding to enable researchers to begin to look at its origins.

What Parts Of The Body Are Impacted?

Essential Tremor oftentimes affects the hands and the head. It may appear like a nodding fashion and makes it more difficult to talk sometimes as well. It may also cause tremors in the legs or even the voice.

Essential Tremor is a difficult condition to endure because of the way it intrudes on people’s ability to care for themselves. It may slowly steal independence while forcing shy individuals to become reclusive rather than face social discomforts associated with the tremors. Increasing awareness will help to find the origin of the condition which will hopefully identify successful treatment for the people who have to endure it every day.

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